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Skin Care In Winter


Dry and dirty skin becomes dry due to the dry cool air and dry clouds in the winter. This results in many problems, such as skin rupture, skin irritations etc.  Therefore, additional care and caution should be needed to protect the health of skin in winter.

Skin dryness

In winter, the normal moisture of the skin for dry weather quickly disappears. So use less Goselle soap in the winter. If you use moisturizing soap, then use it. This will reduce the dullness of the skin.

Using a regular moisturizing lotion before bedtime and after bathing, the dermatology of the skin will be removed. As a result it will not get itching and the skin will not break. You can apply olive oil or liquid paraffin every day to the moisture and luminosity of the skin after bathing and after sleeping at night.

Hair care

During the winter, there is increased risk of dandruff in the hair. Use ketchokonal shampoo for two days a week regularly to stay dandruff.
Hand paws and foot care

At this time, 10 percent urea and vaseline, the palm of the hand was smooth. In the winter, the feet of many people burst.
5 percent of celiacalic acid can be done regularly or vaseline.

Face care

You can use good mice raiser cream. Those who have acne problems, they can mix a little water with cream.
Do not think the winter is coming down that the need to use the sunscreen has decreased. Use sunscreen 30 minutes before going out in winter.


Lip care

Lips in the cold air burst again and again.Sometimes it explodes so that the skin comes up and the blood is released. Never should the tongue be soaked with tongue.
Put a cloth clean in hot water and press the lips three or four times in the lip. Then apply vaseline or glycerin thin. Keep a good cosmetic bag for lip and apply it three to four times a day.
Those who have old dermatitis such as psoriasis, eczema, ichthyesis etc., their skin problems may increase this time. So they have to be more aware. Consult the doctor beforehand if necessary.



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